Top 10 Basketball Shoes In India.

Basketball emerges as one of the most popular game in India after Cricket. The demand of Basketball gear is increasing in Indian continent with an ever-increasing fan base.  Just like professional cricket and football shoes have spikes on it, basketball shoes also have ankle supports to protect players from getting injured while jumping.

Before getting to top 10 basketball shoes in India, I want you to take a guess at sports which have the highest injury rate? If your answer is wrestling, you are wrong. If it is cricket, boxing, rugby or football you are still wrong. According to Insurance Information Institute, basketball is most fatal game with the highest number of injuries recorded in the US– in 2014

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Although, I don’t have any stats to prove it, yet I believe most of those injuries are related to ankle or knee because during my time of playing– every third player I know suffers from ankle strain or have some sort of leg injury. Now, I am not a physician or a Doctor but– as a 9-time national player—I know most of these injuries can be minimized using good basketball shoes. Also, a good basketball shoe automatically increases players’ confidence and performance on the court.

So now when you know the advantages of having professional basketball shoes, are you ready to buy a new pair for yourself? If Yes! Then let us quickly show you the top basketball sneakers available in India.

 Top 10 Basketball Shoes In India.


 10. Adidas Men’s Gcf-1 Leather Basketball Shoes

These high-performing shoes from Adidas are one of the best value for money shoes available in the Indian market. If you are looking for practise shoes or comfortable sneakers that can be worn with jeans too, then Gcf-1 is worth the look. These moderately-weighted training shoes come with Torsion system which improves a midfoot stability and EVA midsole that gives an extra layer of cushioning for added comfort and flexibility. The shoe upper portion is made of suede leather and the non-marking rubber sole is used for the lower portion. Although, I am not dazzled by these sneakers still– considering the specs vs price ratio– it deserves to be on this list.

Best Practice Shoes; Available in Grey, Blue, Dark Grey and Black color.


9. Nike Air Visi Pro VI Black Basketball Shoes

Nike has stepped up their game with the launch of 6th edition Nike Air Visi Pro Basketball shoes. These shoes tough rubber outsole is most affected on outdoor basketball courts where not all shoes can last. This mid-ankle lace up shoes is particularly good for players who practise outdoors and want shoes that can survive excessive training sessions. The upper portion of the shoe is made of durable synthetic material and cushioned footbed takes care of comfort and fitting. In India, these shoes are available in Black, Blue; Grey; and Black, Green hue.

Suitable For Outdoor Basketball Courts.


8.  NIKE Zoom Without A Doubt Black Basketball Shoes – Recommended.

If you are in the market for inexpensive and stylish basketball shoes that also provides excellent support and comfort then this Nike Zoom Without A Doubt Basketball Shoes is the best we can recommend. Indeed, this shoe is ‘Without A Doubt Basketball Shoe’ that knock-out all other competitors in terms of pricing, looks and of course, durability. These sneakers feature a rubber outsole together with cushioned insole for better stability and traction. Moreover, the shoe has padded ankle support which is excellent for players having weak or already strained ankle. For fashion lovers and people who always like to wear their shoes on these sneakers will definitely make you popular among friends and teammates.

Available In Blue, Black, Navy Blue, Grey and Black, Blue and White color.


7. Adidas Men’s Isolation 2 Basketball Shoes 

In 2013 Adidas introduced first Adidas Isolation basketball shoes for men which were unable to attract large flocks of buyers. Fast forward one year and the company has introduced Isolation 2 for basketball enthusiasts. These shoes provide excellent grip and is suitable for folks who love driving to the basket. Further. the shoe midfoot Torsion technology provides easy mobility and stability on the court which allows players easy movements while on defense. You will not be disappointed on color choices too as these sneakers are available in 6 different colors in India including Black; Black, White, and Red; White, Metallic Silver, and Black; White, Red and Black.

Good Shoes For Coaches and Referees Too.


6. Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Ilation Basketball Shoes

The fifth shoe in our list of top 10 basketball shoes is Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Ilation. These trendy and stylish sneakers are not only desirable looks wise but also provide excellent support and cushioning for your feet. The shoe comes with 3 level of cushioning to provide comfort and balance while running or jumping. Moreover, shoes upper portion is made of Full-Grain leather– which is the strongest leather in terms of durability. These sporty sneakers are available in Navy Blue, Blue, Grey, White and Black color.

Classy and Comfortable; Indoor or Outdoor.


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Atul Paul

How is NikeZoom Without A Doubt shoes performing? I am a 6.3 basketball player searching for a shoes that gives good ankle support and priced under Rs. 5000. I also want to know about sole of this shoes, is it going to last? I mostly practice on outdoor courts.


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