Best Basketball Shoes In India- Top 10.

5. Adidas Men’s Cross ‘Em 4 Basketball Shoes

After a huge success of Adidas Cross ‘Em 3 in 2015. This year company has launched its sequel Cross ‘Em 4 in a lower-middle price segment. The shoe utilizes durable synthetic material for the upper part and thick rubber outsole for the lower section. If your basketball shoes get worn out in a month or so, then this shoes is tailor-made for you. Its rubber sole makes sure you don’t get a hole in a shoe and also provide good traction during sudden stop movements or while performing a crossover moves. This lightweight mid-ankle sneaker is available in India in Black and Red; White and Black color combination.

Outdoor or Indoor, it doesn’t matter to Cross ‘Em 4 Basketball Shoes.


4. NIKE Air Max Emergent White Basketball Shoes- Recommended

If this model was launched a year ago it would easily be priced at a premium range like Lebron’s or Kobe’s signature shoes. But, Nike did its best to cut the cost to the minimum and still produce a remarkably well-designed Basketball shoes. This mid-ankle shoe is made of leather and synthetic material which provides optimal durability and support. Moreover, the rubber outsole and a Pylon midsole provides added stability and make this shoes favorable for both indoor and outdoor courts. What’s more, the shoes comes with Max Air Unit at the heel which basically is a cushion that absorbs impact when players jump and land on their heels first.

These shoes are available in Red, Black, White and Blue color.


Top 3 Basketball Shoes In India


3. Nike Jordan Flight Tradition Basketball Shoes

It isn’t possible to have a list of top 10 basketball shoes without mentioning any Jordan’s  in here. The third in over list of top sneakers is Nike Jordan Flight Tradition Basketball Shoes and, Boy OH Boy, this shoe is all about comfort and Class. Wearing these pair of Jordan on the basketball court will automatically boost your confidence– I still remember my first Jordan’s, though, I had bought more expensive shoes still Jordans was and always remains the best. It’s just like Royal Enfield, many sports bike– even expensive one– comes and goes but Royal Enfield is still as Royal as it was when it launched.

Available In Black, Navy Blue and Black and Blue colors.

Talking about shoes, these sneaker comes in traditional looks with Jordan logo on right side and Jordan’s 23 Number embracing the backside of the shoes. Flipping the shoe upside down its rubber outsole looks gracious and is made of high-quality material to provide good traction on the court. As you can see in the image above, these premium shoes got a visible cushioned heel which absorbs initial contact when players land on heels first after slamming the ball or taking a rebound.


2. ADIDAS D Rose 6 Boost Primeknit Basketball Shoes.

I personally loved D Rose series basketball shoes. These shoes are extremely comfortable on the basketball court and look so trendy that you will fall in love with them– at least I did! This series is in the 6th edition of alteration and the new 6 Boost Primeknit, by all means, is one of the best basketball shoes of 2016– available in India. This high-ankle basketball shoe is made using soft yet durable Primeknit method having a rubber outsole for providing extra grip and cushion to the players. In India, this shoe is available in only purple and light blue color.

Best Suited for Indoor Basketball Courts.



ADIDAS D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoes

D Rose 6 Boost and Primeknit may look similar design-wise, however, if you notice carefully both shoes got different outsole. Not only this, the material used to built Boost 6 is synthetic which is more durable than Primeknit. In the US this shoes is available in 10 different colors however Indian market are only selling Black and White version of it. If you prefer durability over comfort and play on outdoor courts then indoor this is the best option to have.

Outdoor/Indoor Basketball Shoes.


1. Nike Men’s Lebron XIII Basketball Shoe- Premium

The current year finals MVP Lebron James has a solid lineup of shoes under his name. The new shoe to add to this arsenal is Lebron 13 Basketball Shoes. These shoes will definitely turn some heads if you wear it on basketball court—or even with your pair of jeans or joggers. Available in the array of colors these expensive looking shoes are best suited for indoor basketball courts. Although, the shoes got rubber sole but playing it on rugged Indian outdoor basketball courts will definitely shorten the life of shoes. Of course, the shoe provides good traction and support no matter which court you play on.

Tournament Shoes; Enhances Overall Performance; Suitable For Indoor Basketball Courts.


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