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Basketball Shoes India site is dedicated to Indian basketball players and fans who love to play the game no matter how tough the situations are! This site helps you choose the best basketball shoes and accessories available in India.

Whether you are looking for a budget basketball shoes or expensive high-ankle basketball shoes this site offers little something for everyone.

Why basketball shoes are important for basketball players?

As a professional baller myself, I know how important a good shoe support is to avoid ankle and knee injuries, which is common in basketball due to jumping and over-tiring offense and defense.

Although, you can’t avoid injuries as a player but it can be reduced if you wear a right pair of shoes. Best Basketball Shoes not only protect ankles but also protects players knees by absorbing most of the contact while jumping.

Basketball Shoes In India

As we all know the most popular game in India is Cricket and if we compare Basketball with it in terms of popularity, the score would be something like 1 to 100 in favour of cricket. On the contrary, though, high ankle Basketball shoes are definitely more popular than any other sports shoes in India.

Even though these shoes are built for basketball, it also looks funky and cool with jeans, pants, and joggers. You can usually see heroes wearing basketball sneakers in movies or models wearing them in music videos.

Indian Basketball

Basketball is still a growing sport in India which is gaining its popularity gradually and now almost all schools and universities– that can afford a basketball court– are participating in this fast-paced game. In India Basketball is more popular in Punjab, Tamil Nadu, U.P, Chhattisgarh and New Delhi.

Indian Basketball team is also performing at their highest level in Asian basketball tournaments and now some of the international games are even broadcasting on national TV in India– on sports channel like SONY SIX, TEN SPORTS and DD SPORTS— which is one of the reasons behind the fan following of this foreign game in Indian continent.

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